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Player Movement

The Erin-Hillsburgh representative hockey program offers kids the opportunity to play competitive hockey - while still making player development and fun a top priority. Rep teams provide the additional challenge of competitive play against other communities.If a player is highly skilled andprepared to travel further distances, they might consider the challenges of a higher division team.
Note: Permission to Skate or NRP Passports are not distributed to EHMHA until completion of the OHF Minor Hockey Championships. (OHF Regulation G).The OMHA will send us the forms in early April.
Forms can be obtained from[email protected].
Based on OMHA rules*:
A player from an OMHA BB base category Centre and below may try out for:
  1. AAA Zone as per the current regulations*. Permission to skate form is required.
  2. If Peewee or above, one (1) AA team in a AAA or AA base category Centre nearest to his residence OR
  3. one (1) A team in an A base category Centre nearest to his residence AND
  4. Home Centre
For Option 2 (considered "Additional Player Movement"):
  1. Maximum number of “Non Resident Players” (NRP) is three (3) per eligible team. Once a team has rostered an NRP then NO replacement NRP will be permitted.
  2. Eligible players, upon pre-registration with their Home Centre for the upcoming season, must request a Non Resident Player (NRP) Passport to be eligible for the process/tryout. The Home Centre verifies that the player is eligible by age/residence for their Home Centre and authorizes the NRP Passport.
  3. Player will only be allowed to tryout for one centre and this is determined by theclosest centre to the players address.
  4. Iftrying out for AA, the most likely associations will be Georgetown, Orangeville or Caledon depending on where you live. Players cannot tryout for A or AE teams in these associations.
  5. If trying out for A, the most likely association will only be Centre Wellington.

* Should the above differ in any way from the OMHA Manual of Operations, the OMHA Manual of Operations will be considered correct. The above is an attempt to simplify the keys points of player movement. The player is responsible for ensuring that they understand the full rules of player movement. This can be found on theOMHA websiteunder Administration. Additional Player Movementamendment can be foundhere.
What is a BB or lower centre?
All minor hockey players in the OMHA have a designated ‘home centre’ based on where they live. For us, it is Erin-Hillsburgh. All centres in the OMHA are classified based on population (both hockey playing population and general population) with a designated letter classification, referred to as "base category" by the OMHA.Larger centres have ‘higher’ letters (i.e. A is larger than B); double letters are larger than single letters (i.e. BB is larger than B) For example, some centres in our area have the following classifications:
  • Brampton is a AAA centre
  • Georgetown, Orangeville and Caledon are AA centres
  • Centre Wellington is an A centre (for rep hockey, Fergus and Elora come together as Centre Wellington, but play local league separately)
  • Acton is a BB centre
  • Erin-Hillsburgh is a B centre
  • Mount Forest is a CC centre
  • Arthur is a DD centre
Centres designated as A, AA, or AAA run major and minor teams in each division (i.e. Peewee major and PeeWee minor), whereas B and smaller run a single team spanning two year in each division (i.e. a PeeWee team that combines major and minor age players).

Other notes for Erin-Hillsburgh players regarding Player Movement

  1. No changes to the current process for AAA tryouts; any Erin-Hillsburgh player interested in trying out for AAA needs to get a permission to skate form (available late March / early April as soon as available from the OMHA) and tries out for our home AAA centre – Halton Hurricanes. Players who are cut or released from Halton can then go and tryout for an adjacent AAA team if they wish (i.e. Guelph, Brampton, Oakville, GTHL teams)

  2. A player does not have to try out for AAA in order to be able to tryout for a AA team.

  3. AA or A centres are limited to no more than 3 non-resident players.

  4. AA and A centres do not have to take non-resident players.The expectation is that centres will declare themselves as ‘open’ or ‘closed’ – but the logistics of that have not been confirmed. If a players nearest centre is ‘closed’ then they can try out for the next closest. Georgetown was considering being a "closed" centre at the time this was published.

  5. Note that evenif an associationhas an A team, players would not be eligible to play for the A teamif theassociation is classified as aAA base category centre

  6. Players interested in trying out for a AA or A team, will be issued a ‘passport’ as paperwork identifying their home centre, and centre they are eligble to tryout for.

  7. AAA tryouts will take place the first two weeks after the OHF finals (approx 2nd week of April). AA tryouts should take place the two weeks after that; A tryouts the two weeks after that.

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