Rep Coaches (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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2022/23 Rep Coaches:

We are very pleased to announce our 2022-2023 Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association Rep coaches.
They are truly committed to providing a safe and positive rep experience with a focus on putting the Fun into fundamentals.

U8/9 (Novice) BB -Kevin Smith

My hockey background:  I haven’t missed a season in 40 years!  I played competitive hockey from Tyke to Juvenile and continue to play in men’s leagues 2x/week. 

My coaching history: 
I had the pleasure of being an assistant coach for my son Matt’s teams for 6 years before taking the head coaching role for the U12 BB team in 2020/2021.  Last year I was the head coach for the U9 BB team and an assistant coach for the U13 BB team.

What I am most looking forward to accomplishing with my team this season:
For some it will be their first experience as part of a team so we’ll be looking to develop their hockey skills but also teach the importance of teamwork.  The returning players have built a strong foundation with core skills and knowledge of the game and we’ll continue to build on those fundamentals in year two.  Most importantly, however, we want this to be a fun, confidence building experience that will keep them coming back year after year. 

What will you be looking for at tryouts: 
It certainly helps if you’re a great skater, but engagement and compete level are just as important!

U11 (Atom) BB - Jon Cole

I started playing hockey at a late age by today’s standards. My first year of organized hockey took place in Erin Mills during my Peewee year. I was always a decent hockey player growing up but never the most skilled. I would like to believe that my work ethic and level of competitiveness enabled me to play hockey until the end of my playing days. My competitive hockey days ended by the time I finished high school but the enjoyment of competition and sport kept me playing recreationally while attending University. After graduating University I opted to give back to the community and in my early 20's I was fortunate to have the opportunity of coaching representative hockey teams in the Mississauga area namely the Erindale Spitfires and Meadowvale Mohawks.

As with everything in life, when you combine passion and dedication, the end result is personal and professional development. Over the last 8+ years I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the EHMHA as either a head coach, assistant coach or team manager. Sprinkled into those 8 years are a couple of seasons which I would classify as “character building” and two Tri-County Championship Seasons. As with players I assure you that coaches also develop and hone their craft over time. I am extremely honored, excited and privileged to be involved with the 2022/2023 U11 Representative Team and look forward to applying all that I have learned over the years.

U13 (Atom) BB - Jon Forbes

My hockey background: 
Growing up I had the opportunity to play at the AAA, High School, and JR level.  Because of this, I feel that I have a good understanding of what it takes to help players to develop and compete at a high level.  I have learned a great deal from the coaches that helped me develop as a player as well as the players who I competed against and these lessons have influenced my philosophy of the importance of developing both players and people and creating a culture of learning, respect, and fun.  When my body allows, I still love to get out and play the game I love.                                                                                                                                  
My coaching history:
I am a Hockey Canada – Coach Development 1 Level Coach. As I work my way higher I cannot stress enough the importance of following the guidelines of Hockey Canada long term development with certified coaches.  I have had the pleasure to have coached in the Erin-Hillsburgh association since 2015.  I started as a CHIPS on-ice helper from 2015-2018 and then moved on to be an assistant coach for the Novice LL team in 2018-2019 and the Novice BB team for the 2019-2020 season.  For the past two seasons, I have been the head coach for the U-10 and then the U-11 BB teams. To go along with my experiences in Erin-Hillsburgh, I have 18 years of experience coaching at the high school level and am a certified power skating instructor.  As the coach of the U-13 team for this season, I am so excited to continue with the development of the players on this team, some of whom I've had the opportunity to coach since they were CHIPS!                                                                                                                                                        
What I am most looking forward to accomplishing with my team this season:
Development is the primary goal for the team this season, helping each member of the team strive to become the best player and person that they can be.  A key is to have the players understand the importance of hard work, attention to detail, commitment, and a good attitude. This will be honed through experiences both on and off the ice. Following Hockey Canada's Player Development Pyramid I will look to develop individual technical skills as a base, along with individual and team tactics.  While skill development will be a major focus throughout the year, in addition, team play systems will also be introduced with the opportunity for all players on the team to learn and participate in the systems that are taught.  Overall, I want the players to want to come to the rink, see their friends, grow and get better. Every success will be celebrated.  

What will you be looking for at tryouts:
For tryouts I am looking for players who are excited to be at the rink and are willing to work hard and get better.  Also, coachability, sportsmanship, and respect will be requirements.  Overall, players are encouraged to compete hard for a place on the team and the opportunity to represent their town! The EHMHA is a fantastic association that is in it for the right reasons and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work within this community focussed hockey family.


U15 (Bantam) BB -Dan Ferguson, Assistants: Nick Brake, Luke Longstreet

I was born and raised in Erin Ont. I served on the Town of Erin Fire and Emergency Services for 25 years. I (semi) retired from the City of Mississauga in 2016 as the Manager of Health and Safety after 30 years, and started a Consulting Firm that I am currently operating. I am married with two great kids and two beautiful Granddaughters.

My Hockey/Coaching Background:

I played all my minor and men’s hockey in Ern/Hillsburgh. I have coached all divisions in the EHMHA, both Rep and Local League for 30 years. I am extremely thankful to the EHMHA for allowing me the opportunity to get back behind the bench, following a few years away from the game.

I am very proud of my coaching history, I feel I have helped to develop some good hockey players, and more importantly, some great people.

In my years as a player, I was fortunate to have several excellent coaches. I have tried to model my coaching style from their most positive attributes

What I am most looking forward to this Season:

I am very excited to have the pleasure of working with two exceptional young men as co-coaches, Luke Longstreet and Nick Brake. Both of these young men are very talented hockey players and are respectful and considerate people.

It is great to see that at such a young age, these two people have grown into very good coaches and are willing to give back to the community and our association. I hope that my experience will help Luke and Nick to continue to develop their own coaching styles.

As I have been away from the game for sometime, I will be relying heavily on Luke and Nick to take on leadership roles with the team and help me to “catch up” with the game today. My strength as a coach over the years has been my ability to get the best from my players and be their biggest cheerleader.

I believe in structure, without limiting a player’s creativeness, respect for the game, opponents, officials and fans and a mutual respect between the players and coaches. My main objective is for everyone to give their full effort at all times and enjoy this great game and their time at the rink.


U18 (Midget) BB - Tim Williams 
My Hockey Background:
Hillsburgh has been my home for most of my life. In the early years I played Novice for Erin Hillsburgh Minor Hockey.  Following that I played Atom through Minor Midget for the Halton Hurricanes. During my Minor Midget year, I also had the opportunity to play for our Hometown Erin Shamrocks Junior C hockey team.  Following Minor Midget, I played my next three years of hockey for the Georgetown Raiders  Junior A hockey team.  After three years with the Georgetown Raiders my attention turned to a focus on school as top priority. I decided to attend the University of Guelph. With the close proximity to home, I was able to play my final two years of hockey with the Erin Shamrocks Junior C  hockey team.

My Coaching History:
Following my playing days from 2002-2010 I had great opportunities to work with players and teams as an on ice instructional/development coach for many years.  I work with all ages and levels BB-AAA.  In 2013 I started coaching for Erin Hillsburgh Minor Hockey both as an assistant and head coach.

What I am most looking forward to accomplishing with my team this season:

This season I am looking forward to creating an experience these players will remember for the rest of their lives.  Dedication, Hard Work, Integrity, and FUN will be our guiding principles as we as a team strive for success.  I look forward to seeing these players develop not only as great hockey players, but more importantly great people on and off the ice.