VP Ops Job Posting (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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VP Operations Job Posting 

Primary Responsibilities

· Support Executive members in their roles with a focus on the duties of the operations team (CHIP, Local League, Rep, Technical and Coaching Directors)

·Educate and inform key parties on Referee rulebooks and the OMHA manual of operations

·Apply established policies and procedures from Hockey Canada, OHF, OMHA and EHMHA for decision-making and ensuring all members of the EHMHA are complying to such policies

·Monitor EHMHA policies and procedures to governing bodies such as the OMHA and make recommendations for required change to EHMHA policies – inform the Executive with respect to any inconsistencies

·Chair the Risk Management Committee

·Work with EHMHA Executive members to address member complaints

·Escalate issues as necessary to the Executive ensure effective operations

·Liaison between the OHMA and EHMHA Executive on topics such as appeals and updating policies

·Monitor the VP Operations email account and field enquiries in a timely manner

·Promote the organization

·Carry out the role of President in his absence

·Carry out other duties assigned by the President and Executive Members


·The VP Ops is elected at the EHMHA Annual General Meeting (AGM) or by the EHMHA Executive and is appointed for a term of 24 months.  This role is a voting member, so there will be a contribution to the association decision-making across all topics as required

·Estimated time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours per month

·Attend EH Executive Meetings (10 per year)

·Access to internet, email, MS Word and Excel or equivalent/compatible

·A member of the EHMHA in good standing and will abide by its policies, rules and by-laws


For more information on any of our Executive positions please visit our By-Law page.