Local League Director (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Local League Director Job Posting
Primary Responsibilities
  *   Deliver successful operations and organization of the EHMHA Local League program
  *   Enforce the rules, regulations and guidelines established by the EHMHA
  *   Lead Coach identification process
  *   Lead Team Grading process
  *   Support Bench Staff development through observation, coaching and mentoring
  *   Monitor teams' progress throughout the season and support as required
  *   Serve on the EHMHA Discipline Committee
  *   Stay connected with neighbouring and participating LL hockey communities
  *   Lead the coordination for Local League Playoffs and Champs Day
  *   Maintain and circulate documentation as required
  *   Monitor the Local League Director email account and field enquiries in a timely manner
  *   Liaise with EHMHA Executive members
  *   Carry out other duties assigned by the President and Executive Members
  *   The Local League Director is elected at the EHMHA Annual General Meeting (AGM) or by the EHMHA Executive and is
       appointed for a term of 24 months.  This role is a voting member, so there will be a contribution to the association decision-  
       making across all topics as required
  *   Estimated time commitment is 10 hours per month throughout the whole year with March and September being busier with
       season opening and closing activities
  *   Attend EH Executive Meetings (10 per year)
  *   Previous experience in a minor hockey association (i.e coaching)
  *   Strong collaborator and communicator
  *   Access to internet, email, MS Word and Excel or equivalent/compatible
  *   A member of the EHMHA in good standing and will abide by its policies, rules and by-laws