Travel Permits (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Travel Permits
Travel Permit Procedures

When is a Travel Permit required

An approved travel permit is required for all organized team activities over and above games, practices and events scheduled by the ice scheduler.


The travel permit is required to ensure approval of non-standard events in order to manage the following:

·Prevent scheduling conflicts

·Provides visibility of potential issues such as compliance with OMHA sanctioning and rostering requirements

·Provides association sanctioning for events that would otherwise not fall under Hockey Canada insurance coverage

Travel permits are not required for casual team get-togethers such as restaurant dinners, or house parties, but are required for organized team events such as a laser tag outing or team trip to a Storm game.


Insurance considerations

Hockey Canada insurance covers players and rostered team officials during sanctioned hockey related team events.


Some types of events are unsanctioned – even if there is a signed travel permit in place.

These include on-ice events involving individuals other than players and rostered team officials (i.e. parent / child games).


It is the responsibility of every individual to understand what insurance coverage they have in any given situation, in particular out of the ordinary situations such as travel to the U.S. for a tournament.


Additional information on the hockey Canada insurance coverage is available on the Hockey Canada website, or through the risk management director.