3on3 Development Rules (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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3on3 Development Program Rules

1. This is a fun developmental program.  No contact, rough-housing, intimidation, or bullying will be tolerated.

2. All players must wear CSA approved helmets, full hockey gear, and should wear the jersey colour requested.  There will be at least one coach on the bench at all times and one trainer at the facility.

3. All programs will start on time.

4. All scrimmages are played 3 on 3 unless a team is ahead by 5 goals. In this case, the losing team may put a fourth player on the ice. If the deficit becomes equal to 3 goals, the team must retract their fourth skater.  In the event that a team is at a deficit of 7 goals or more, they may put 5 skaters on the ice. A team keeps 5 players on until there is a 5 goal differential. Then it becomes 4 on 3. Less than 3 goal differential reverts back to 3 on 3.

5. When a goal is scored, all players on the attacking team must retreat to the closest blue line and wait for the puck to exit the zone. Failure to wait will result in a replay of puck possession to the team that had possession. The team has 10 seconds to exit their zone after being scored on.  When a goalie has possession of the puck, the attacking team must retreat to the closest blue line and may only attack again when EVERYONE has cleared the zone (similar to a delayed offside).

6. In the event of a penalty, a referee will blow the whistle when the offending team gains possession of the puck. The offended player will take a penalty shot from the edge of the centre ice circle closest to the attacking net. When the referee blows the whistle the play goes live. The opposing team, starting from their own blue line, can attempt to stop the breakaway. If a penalty ensues on the breakaway, the penalty shot will be repeated unless a goal is scored.

10. The decision of the on-ice referee is final. Remember, this is a fun development program meant to give kids an opportunity to hone and further develop their skills in a fun competitive environment.

11. Referees have the right to remove a player for unsafe behavior including, but not limited to: fighting, hitting from behind or any major infraction that would warrant ejection. A player ejected twice will be removed from the program.

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