AGM 2022 (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Notice is hereby given that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the members of Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association will be held on Monday May 30th, 2022 at the time of 7:00pm, at Hillsburgh Community Centre for the purpose of:

· Meeting to transact business of the Association where notice and particulars are received by the Secretary in writing on or before 6:00 p.m. on April 30th, 2022

· Elect directors / officers to the following positions due to term expiration, previous appointment or vacancy:





Sid Spear

two (2) years term on even years


Heidi Winter

two (2) years term on even years

Local League Director


two (2) years term on even years

Fundraising Director

Doug Bray

two (2) years term on even years

Rep Director* Jonathan Cole  two (2 years term on odd years

· Appoint auditors

· Voting on any proposed amendments to the Bylaws

If you are unavailable to attend the Annual General Meeting, you may vote by proxy, by obtaining and completing a proxy form from the Association and returning it to the secretary before the start of the annual general meeting.  The proxy holder appointed may be either the Secretary or the President of the Association, or alternatively another person who represents no more than one other Member at such meeting by proxy.


· The 2-year term for elected roles of President, VP Operations, Secretary, Local League Director and Fundraising Director are up for election as per terms outlined in the By-laws, and Rep Director is up due to position vacancy.


Dated this 11th day of April, 2022
On Behalf of the Board of Directors
Patrick D’Almada
EHMHA Secretary
[email protected]

Annual General Meeting



May 30th, 2022 at 7:00pm

Hillsburgh Community Centre

1.      Call to Order

2.      Approval of the agenda

3.      Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting of the Membership on June 2, 2021

4.      Director Reports

4.1.   Presidents Report

4.1.1.Report of Association activities during the preceding year and plans for the ensuing year


4.2.   Treasurers Report

4.2.1. Present the report of the auditor of the Association from the previous year

4.2.2. Projected financial position for the ensuing year

4.2.3. Appointment of the auditor for the ensuing year

5.      Bylaw Amendments

6.      Election of Directors/Officers

7.      New Business

8.      Adjournment of Annual General Meeting