Coaches (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

2019/20 Coaches:

We are very pleased to announce our 2019-2020 Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association Rep coaches.
They are truly committed to providing a safe and positive rep experience with a focus on putting the Fun into fundamentals.

Mike McLeod - Novice BB

Your hockey background: My highest level of hockey was AAA in the MTHL (now the GTHL) from Peewee to Midget, and I also played A level Lacrosse, and then played Junior A and Senior Lacrosse.

Your coaching history: I coached in the GTHL at the AA and AAA levels and this past season I was the head coach of the EHMHA Novice Red team.  I am also an on-ice helper with the CHIP program.

What you are looking forward to accomplishing with your team this coming season: The most important thing is that I want the kids to come to the rink excited to play hockey.  I want the kids to develop as individuals and I hope this will lead to a fun learning environment and a team where the kids make new friends and want to play for each other.  The goal for me as a coach is to help each player learn new skills and improve on the skills they already have. 

What you will be looking for at tryouts: I will be looking at fundamental skating and stick handling skills.  Another important thing I will be looking for is willingness to learn.   Focus is a very important quality I will be looking for, are they paying attention to the Coach when drills are being explained?  Drive and effort during tryouts will also be key factors.


Scott McDonald - Atom BB

Your hockey background: Highest Level Hockey was Junior B in Orangeville and then I played 5 years of Senior A Hockey.

Your coaching history:
I have participated in a coaching role every year since the 2009-2010 season.  I was the head coach of the 2016-2017 EHMHA Novice team & I’m an assistant coach on the Brampton Canadettes Pewee AA team .

What you are looking forward to accomplishing with your team this coming season:
Providing an environment where the kids are comfortable so they can learn and have fun.  My goal is to develop these young players to their full potential with a focus on individual skills and tactics.  I'm committed to developing a culture where every player gives their best effort to contribute to team success.

What you will be looking for at tryouts: 

For this level, I will be looking at fundamental skating and stick handling skills.  The other major attribute I look for is teachability.  To assess this, I’m looking for focus and effort during tryouts.

Tom Sadler - PeeWee BB

Your hockey background: Started hockey at age 8, played AAA hockey in Bantam and moved to Jr B hockey at 15, played University hockey in Michigan & various senior men’s leagues

Your coaching history:

Coached minor midget AAA and Jr hockey in Western Canada ( non-parent )
Along with Steve Busby, developed the EH Chip program
Developed the Wizards spring hockey organization
Worked with the i-train hockey organization
Built and ran first Select 6 and Select 7 program in EH
Coached Novice BB – Provincial Champions
tom BB – Tri -County Champions
Women’s hockey:
PeeWee Tier 1 – Provincial Champions
Bantam Tier 1 – Lower Lakes Silver Medalist
Midget Tier 1 – Provincial Champions
Successfully developed 14 female players into NCAA Div 1 schoolarships and 2 players chose Canadian U-sports opportunities.  (Out of 17 players.)

What you are looking forward to accomplishing with your team this coming season: 

FUN – A cliché as it sounds, we forget all the time that hockey is a game and the kids play for fun.  I will make sure my team has the most fun this season.

Development – There are many different development opportunities for these kids, skating, shooting, individual tactics, team tactics.  But we also overlook the life skills we engrain in these kids, development of hard work, respect, resiliency, working with others and how to overcome obstacles and challenges.  We will look to ensure the players finish the season not only better hockey players but better people.

Competition – This is representative hockey and every player and family starts the season with an expectation to win.  Depending on the group of athletes there are many different ways to win and be competitive.  As we go through the tryout process and select a team we will select our team goals over the summer and start executing in the fall.

What you will be looking for at tryouts: 

Relentless drive - will the player do whatever it takes to win a battle, a game of hockey is made up of hundreds of little battles all wrapped up in an hour of fun.  If you win more little battles than your opponent you will be successful
(Blocking shots, back checking, winning the battles for pucks in the corners, being physical without taking a penalty)

Team first mentality – will the player do what’s right for the team first before their own personal success.  As an example on a 2 on 1 will the player make the right pass versus taking a selfish shot.
Passing, passing, passing, positional play, thinking two steps ahead of the puck and then passing)

Willingness to learn – every kid that comes to the tryout is an athlete but some athletes are not willing to learn. Effort, combined with the willingness to learn are the fundamental pieces I will be looking for.                                                         

Other comments: 

The Peewee age group is an exciting age/time for the kids and the families.  At this age your children can choose if they want to explore NRP options outside of the EH organization.  For all of the players that are trying out for Elite Hockey teams ( AAA ), I would like to wish you the best at your tryouts.  Do EHMHA proud and represent us to the best of your ability. 

For the parents that feel that AA and or A in another center is the best development for child, I will tell you this:  the letter on your jersey does not make you a better hockey player, the level that you coach does not make you a better coach.  What you are taught, how you are taught and progressive system in which you are taught will maximize the athletes development, speed of play is just one small part of the development model.  If you actually read this far could I ask each family to ask their child one question before you consider AA or A offers ( Would you rather play on a hockey team with all your buddies and friends, or do you want to try somewhere new and make new friends ?)  If they choose the latter, then most likely there are personal issues and sometimes a break, if you have the skill, can be a good thing.  I believe, if left to make their own decision, 95% of the players would prefer to play with their buddies from school.  As an parent once said to me, “we moved our son up to AA, we expected the hockey to be better, the coaching to be better, the development to be better than EH and it was worse.”  I want every kid that has been in the EHMHA programs to have a great hockey experience where ever they play, please be cautious that the grass is not always greener. 

I hope that our EH players stay, I hope we have the numbers for two fantastic rep teams in Peewee this year and I look forward to seeing all the kids back on the ice in a couple of weeks.


TBD - Bantam BB

Lee Erwin - Midget BB

Your hockey background: I've been involved in hockey ever since I was young. I played rep hockey from Novice through Midget and went on to play Junior for three years.  Hockey has continued to play an important part of my life and I hope that I can, in the not too distant future, play men’s league with both of my boys.

Your coaching history: I coached my first hockey team in my early twenties.  I have been coaching high school hockey since 1999 and joined Erin-Hillsburgh as on ice coach with the Chips program in 2006.  I have been either a head coach or assistant coach since that time.  I have been lucky enough to coach every level from Tyke to Bantam, and this year I will be coaching the Midget BB team. I know the pride that comes from winning the OMHA title as I have experienced it both as a player and as a coach.  I also know that success is the result of many hours of hard work and dedication. 

What you are looking forward to most about this coming season:  I am excited and looking forward to the Midget tradition of welcoming home the young men who have played in other centres but would like to conclude their hockey career in their home town, with their friends. I look forward to guiding the dedicated and hardworking players through a unforgettable year filled with fun and friendships they will remember for years to come.

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