Rep Playoffs FAQ (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Rep playoffs FAQ

My team has both OMHA games scheduled and Tri-county games scheduled - I'm confused!

OMHA playoffs and tri-county playoffs are two different championships. 
Tyke teams participate only in Tri-county - so this article does not apply to Tyke.
Read on to learn everything you wanted to know about Rep playoffs but didn't know how to ask!

What are OMHA playdowns?

OMHA playdowns find a champion from each age group (novice, atom, peewee etc) and category (AAA, AA, BB etc) from across the whole OMHA league.  This includes teams from other areas of the region who Erin-Hillsburgh doesn't play during the league season.

What are Tri-county playoffs?

Tri-county playoffs are a league championships involving only those teams within tri-county (the teams Erin-Hillsburgh plays during the regular season).

How are OMHA Playoffs structured?

OMHA playoffs are setup as flowcharts with a series of brackets.  The OMHA determines what format these brackets will have (how many teams; which teams in which bracket; how many advance to the next round; the date that the bracket has to be completed).  If a team wins their bracket they move on to the next round, until eventually two teams play in a championship series.

In most cases, teams will start off in a preliminary round against teams (relatively) close by.  The preliminary round might be a round robin, or a single series against one other team, or a two stage preliminary series.
Winners in the preliminaries move on to quarter finals; winners of quarter finals move on to semi-finals; winners of semi-finals go onto the finals!

In cases where a category / age group is small a team may bypass preliminaries and start off right in quarter finals.
Each round has an end date, and can start as soon as both teams are available.

In the 2014/2015 season, the rough schedule is preliminaries ending Feb 9; quarters ending Feb 22; semis ending Mar 8th.