Fundraising (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)



For information about Fundraising please contact [email protected]

Please visit the Fundraising & Sponsorship Page for all relevant forms and for up to date sponsorship package information.

All team fundraising events must be approved by the director of Fundraising, who must then inform the Treasurer.  This is to prevent a crossover of events the association is doing and to ensure we are aware of any events that may need special permits.

Written approval is required from the EHMHA for branded merchandise.

  • Any and all fundraising projects within E.H.M.H.A. must be approved by the Director of Fundraising, who will then inform the Treasurer. All events must be part of the teams start up budget with the approval of the Treasurer
  • Approval of fundraising projects will be subject, but not restricted to the following:
  • priority given projects involving divisions/groups
  • number of projects for same time period
  • number of teams involved in project
  • the type of project involved
  • all and proper information providedall E.H.M.H.A. policies followed


  • Under no circumstances will a fundraising event be approved if it conflicts with Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association run events. Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association carries out many fundraising events and teams are cautioned not to make commitments until their event has been duly authorized.
  •  Any permits must be filled out, approved and filed with the Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association Board, prior to the fundraising event taking place.
  •  All fundraising projects approved by the Board will require a Chairperson/Coordinator. This person will be responsible for the administration and financial portion of the fundraiser. This person will be responsible for all reporting duties.
  •  A financial report, on each approved fundraising project, must be submitted to the Board within 30 Days of the last date of the fundraising project. All proceeds from the approved fundraising projects are subject to distribution by the Board.  Distribution will result from the financial report, request submitted by the fundraising project Chairperson / coordinator, team needs, the number of teams involved, the proposed use of the funds raised and the Boards discretion.
  • Team funds will consist of team assessments, bingos shares, fundraising proceeds, parent assessments or contributions and donations. Any money received into or extended out of team funds must be an approved budget item or the particular item must be approved by the Board.
  • It is to be recognized as a general policy of E.H.M.H.A. that the funds raised by teams shall be used to offset the expenses of running teams and not for acquiring equipment, which is considered the responsibility of E.H.M.H.A. All team funds remaining at the end of the season shall be paid back to the parents with a year end closing budget

Note: no team shall carry monies over from one season to the next and no Coaching application from any of the teams staff will be accepted without the approval of the season closing budget from the Treasurer.


Sponsorship Policy (approved June 2014)


All Erin-Hillsburgh teams are permitted to have sponsors donate to the team budget.  Any sponsor to be noted publicly on a team website, on jerseys, or in any other manner must be approved by the EHMHA Fundraising Director.  Teams are free to determine sponsorship amounts.


Teams are permitted to have one or more jersey sponsors, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Approval of the sponsor(s) and logo(s) by the EHMHA Fundraising Director
  • All funds raised in this manner go to the general team budget, not to defray the costs of individual, or sub-groups of, players
  • All players must have the same number of sponsor names or logos on their jersey, unless parents opt out of the sponsor(s) names or logo(s)being put on their child's jersey
  • Sponsor name(s) or logo(s) may only be placed on the back of jerseys
  • Parents are to be informed of potential jersey sponsorships and given the ability to opt out of a sponsor name or logo on their child's jersey prior to any sponsorship agreement being finalized.  Sponsors must be made aware of the total number of players on whose jerseys their name and/or logo will be placed prior to any sponsorship agreement being finalized.
  • Multiple jersey sponsors are permitted.  Sponsor name(s) and/or logo(s) must be sized to ensure the number and player name remain clearly visible.