Police Checks - CRC (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Police Checks - CRC

First, let us thank you for volunteering to be part of youth hockey in our community.  As part of our team you share the responsibility of providing a safe environment for our children to enjoy.  As part of that commitment it is the responsibility of your Executive to ensure those called upon to fulfill these positions meets the criteria set out by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.  All volunteers who have direct contact with our players are required to submit for a Vulnerable Sector Check (Police Check).  This includes Coaches, Trainers, Managers/Treasurer and all bench staff or on ice personnel.

What do I do to get a Police Check?
Please fill out the Vulnerable Sectors Police Check form, it can be found under Support & Resources Section of our website: Police Check Form

What do I do with my completed package?
In order to ensure your documentation remains secure and your personal information is protected please submit your Application by doing the following:

- Place your completed form in a sealed envelope and leave them at the EHMHA Office marked “Risk Management”

- Contact Risk Management Director directly at [email protected]  and arrange for delivery

- Take your documents directly to the Ontario Provincial Police detachment that is responsible for the area in which you reside (see information sheet)

What if I have a Criminal Record that I wish to declare?
If you have a criminal record and you wish to declare such to the police, contact Risk Management Director at [email protected]  and you will be provided with a form to attach to your completed package.

What if the police tell me they must take my fingerprints?
If during the screening process the police determine that your information may match all or some of the descriptors of a person known to have committed a sexual offence as set out in Schedule 2 of the Criminal Records Act, you will be required to have your fingerprints taken before you will receive a clearance.  You will be directed by the police where and when you can attend to provide your fingerprints.  If you do not match the offender in question, your fingerprints will be destroyed.  If you would rather attend a private company to submit your prints, you may refer to the attached website for those options.  http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/rtid-itr/vulner-eng.htm.

How long will my police check take?

That will depend on the number of requests that particular agency has submitted.  We suggest you plan for a 6 – 8 weeks turn around and you submit your request as soon as possible to ensure you are compliant with the policies of Erin Hillsburgh Minor Hockey.

When is my police check due?
All those individuals attached to Rep Teams must have their clearance by September 30th, 2019.  Those dedicated to Local League must have them submitted by December 1st, 2019.  If you do submit your clearance by the noted dates you may be removed from team activities including practice or games.  (See EHMHA Police Check Policy)

How do I get my completed documents?
The police will contact you and advise your check is complete.  You must pick up your paperwork in person.  As a result of privacy laws the police are not allowed to release your documents to anyone but you.

What do I do with my completed package?
You must submit your clearance bearing the Ontario Provincial Police stamp to the Director of Risk Management in order to remain clear to participate in team functions.  You may place those documents in a sealed envelope and leave them in the mailbox at Centre 2000 or contact [email protected]  to arrange delivery.  You may also mail your documents to EHMHA – Risk Management at PO Box 344, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0.

What happens to my documents once I submit them?
By law our organization must protect your privacy.  All submitted documents are retained by the Director of Risk Management in a safe location.  Only the Director of Risk Management will have access to your documents and the included information.  In cases where a Declaration of Criminal Record Form is submitted, the Executive will be informed that a Declaration has been submitted and the declared offence falls outside that which would forbid that individual from participating in organized youth sports. (See OMHA guidelines)  If your declaration includes an offence that is deemed “at risk” the Executive will be informed by the Director of Risk Management that the individual is not suitable to participate in our programs.

How long is my police check valid?
Your clearance will be deemed valid for three (3) years from the date it is stamped by your police agency.  If you are not sure when you expire please contact Risk Management for confirmation.