Dressing Room Policy (Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association)

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Dressing Room Policy

It is the policy of the Erin-Hillsburgh Minor Hockey Association that:

·No minor aged Player shall be left alone in a room with an adult who is not the Player’s parent or guardian.

·If an adult presence is required in a closed room (i.e., dressing room) there shall always be at least two adults present at all times.

·The team officials and parent/guardian representative(s) of every team shall ensure that the dressing room door remains closed while Players and Coaches are changing.

·Video or photography equipment are never to be allowed in the dressing rooms, washrooms or showers.  The use of any electronic device, such as a cell phone, with the ability to take photos or record audio or video is strictly prohibited in or around any recreational facility dressing room, washroom or shower.  The privacy and dignity of the Players is the first priority. Any incident involving a violation of personal privacy through the use of such a device will result in an automatic 5-game suspension to anyone involved - including bench staff.

EHMHA is committed to providing safe and equitable access to gender-segregated dressing room spaces upon confidential request to a member of the team bench staff.

· At the Atom and below levels (5-10 years of age):  participants in a co-ed dressing room situation either arrive in full equipment or wear at a minimum gym shorts or long underwear as well as a full t-shirt (no tank tops) all of which must be in good condition and without holes/tears.

·At the Pee Wee level and above, females shall not be permitted access to a dressing room occupied by Players and/or coaches unless all Players and coaches are fully clothed.

·Female Players at the Pee Wee level and above shall change in a separate room alone or under the supervision of their own parent(s)/guardian(s) and may not enter the team dressing room unless they themselves and all persons in the dressing room are fully clothed.

·In the event that separate shower/dressing rooms are unavailable for female Players at the Pee Wee level and above: all parties (Players, team officials, parents/ guardians/ attendants) must agree unanimously on dressing room protocol. This must be documented as part of the team’s Code of Conduct. The following are a few suggestions:

    • Each gender should take turns using the shower/dressing room,
    • Establish a schedule for changing, or ask Players to arrive in suitable garments (e.g., Lycra shorts, T-shirts, long-johns)
    Smoking and Vaping
    Provincial and municipal laws pertaining to smoking, use of cannabis or vaping are applicable at all EHMHA facilities and sanctioned events. Under no circumstances are any of these activities allowed to take place by anyone in the dressing rooms, washrooms or showers. Any person caught engaging in this type of activity will receive an automatic 5-game suspension and the appropriate authorities will be notified.